Deep Dish Pizza

All right pizza lovers, this is your holiday!  It is National Deep Dish Pizza Day!!

This is probably my favorite kind of pizza.  Chicago style pizza, also known as deep dish, is characterized by having a buttery crust, with sides built up to as high as three inches tall.  The crust acts like a bowl to help hold the ingredients.  It was first developed in Chicago in 1943, by Pizzeria Uno’s founder Ike Sewell.  Not only is a deep dish pizza different from a traditional pizza because of its crust, but also because it is heavy on pizza sauce, cheese, and toppings.  The pizza is made upside down so the cheese goes in first, then toppings, then sauce.  Deep dish pizza has become so popular throughout the years that many chains have developed their own recipe.

I highly encourage you to try your own hand at making a deep dish pizza recipe.  Here are some resources in our library that have great pizza recipes.  If you are diet-conscious, here are a few tips for a healthier pizza:

1. Whole Wheat is a far better choice for a crust – it increases your fiber content by 50%.

2. Using low-fat mozzarella instead of regular cheese will lower saturated fat and cholesterol.

3. The more veggies the better, giving you extra fiber and nutrients.


Here are a few great recipes to try:

The first is from Chef Emeril Lagasse:  Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizzas

The second is made with King Arthur Flour.

This is’s version of the Pizzeria Uno deep dish pizza.

Martha Stewart also has a great recipe.


All this writing about deep-dish pizza has made me hungry!  I know what I am having for dinner this evening.  Do you?  Enjoy!